One of the most popular places to visit for visitors and residents of Karelia is the Kivach waterfall – the second largest plain waterfall in Europe (after the Rhine). The height of the fall is 10.7 meters. From this height, a huge mass of water falls in four cascades, creating a wet curtain of water dust.

Distance from the recreation center «Shishki»: 15 km

The place that marked the beginning of the resort business of our country is located fifty kilometers from Petrozavodsk, not far from the clear waters of the Gabozer. Here in 1714, a worker of the Konchezersk blast furnace plant, Ivan Ryaboyev, found a wonderful spring that cures heart pain.

Distance from the recreation center «Shishki»: 50 km

Mount Sampo is a rocky hill on the West Bank of Konesera. The mountain offers a magnificent panorama of the forests and islands of Concheser, which stretches for 30 km.

Distance from the recreation center «Shishki»: 55 km

Kizhi is one of the 1369 islands in the north-eastern part of Lake Onega, which is the hallmark of Karelia.

You can get there by snowmobiling in winter , by boat in summer from Kondopoga or from Petrozavodsk.

Mount Vottovaara in Karelia is considered by superstitious people to be a place of concentration of evil forces and a bridge to another world: ugly trees grow here, there is almost no fauna, the lakes are dead.

Distance from the recreation center «Shishki»: 55 km