Marcial waters

The place that marked the beginning of the resort business of our country is located fifty kilometers from Petrozavodsk, not far from the clear waters of the Gabozer. Here, in 1714, Ivan Ryaboyev, a worker at the Konchezero blast furnace plant, found a wonderful spring that cures heart pain. In 1719, Peter I issued a decree on the opening of the resort "Marcial Waters" and special rules for the use of water. At this time, the construction of numerous buildings began, and three wooden palaces were built for the tsar and his family. A wooden carved tent was erected over the spring from which water was taken for the royal family and its entourage. Peter I himself visited the resort "Marcial Waters" four times.

Until now, only the wooden church of the Apostle Peter, built in 1721 according to the plan of Peter I himself, has survived from the buildings of Peter's time. There is a museum, the exposition of which tells the story of the discovery of wonderful springs and the creation of the first Russian resort. Now at the resort "Marcial Waters" there is a sanatorium, where a variety of diseases are treated with the help of glandular marcial waters.

Church of the Apostle Peter

The old wooden church in the name of the Apostle Peter was built in 1721 on the instructions of Peter I, according to his design and drawings. The church has preserved: a carved iconostasis with icons of the XVIII century, the images of saints for which were painted from the nobles of Peter's time. The face of Jesus Christ resembles the face of Tsar Peter I. There are also two cast-iron stoves in the form of antique vases.

Church of the Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos "Life-giving Spring"

Since the XVI century, Russia has established a custom similar to the Greek one, to consecrate springs, dedicating them to the Mother of God and to paint icons of the Mother of God, called the "Life-giving Spring". In one of the most beautiful places of the village of Marcial Waters there is a small wooden church in honor of this icon. The temple was illuminated in 2005. Divine services are performed in it on every twelve-day holiday.