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The first time I decided to write a review,as the employees and owners of the database deserve it.Furniture, bed linen, dishes, food, bath, territory-all at 1000 percent, and maybe even higher.not a fly in the ointment, although, according to our ingrained sovdepovskoy habit, we were waiting for why to frown.But no, we were not given such a chance,we absolutely did not want to leave.We live in Karelia,we have been to many places, but you have a special respect!
Rested from 8.01-10.01.2021. It is not close to go from St. Petersburg, but it was worth it! We just happened to be in a winter wonderland. We got a lot of pleasure from riding cheesecakes, skiing. The staff is all very friendly. Thank you very much for such a customer-oriented approach. Personally, we did not find any disadvantages ) The restaurant is very stylishly decorated, and the breakfasts are hearty. In general, more grateful customers to you! Keep it up :)
Good time of day! we had a rest in "SHISHKI" from 01.11.20 to 10.11.20., in the cottage "SAMPO", we liked everything, the breakfast was excellent, the weather was good. Just a small request, if you can lay mats near the beds and hang a small shelf for dishes. And I would still like to add a little variety to the breakfast (if possible), pancakes or pancakes, and so everything is very good. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!