Mount Sampo

Mount Sampo is a rocky hill on the West Bank of Konesera. The mountain offers a magnificent panorama of the forests and islands of Concheser, which stretches for 30 km. You can get to the mountain only as part of a tour group or by your own vehicle, as regular buses to Conchesero, Marcial Waters and Spasskaya Bay do not stop here.

Sampo is the only wonder object of its kind in Karelo-Finnish mythology, which has magical powers and is a source of happiness, well-being and abundance. As a rule, it is presented in the form of a mill. According to the runes, Sampo is forged Novatel Ilmarinen as ransom for the daughter of old Louhi, hostess pohjala, which wooed the blacksmith. Sampo grinds enough bread, salt, and money to buy food, supplies, and feasts. The lid of the mill symbolizes the star-studded dome of the sky, which rotates around the central axis-the support on which the whole world rests.

The abduction of Sampo from Pohjola's wishes — the Central story of the world famous epic "Kalevala". , Väinämöinen goes to Pahelu accompanied by Ilmarinen and Lemminkainen, lulls its inhabitants and produces Sampo from under the mountain. He takes Sampo away in a boat, but the awakening mistress of Pohjela catches up with the kidnappers; during the struggle, Sampo is broken, the wreckage sinks into the sea (because the sea, according to popular beliefs, is richer than the land). Part of the wreckage of the magic mill Sampo waves brought to the shores of Kalevala. They fished out of the water wise Vainamoinen and buried in the ground. Since then, contentment and happiness have settled in Karelia forever.