Kivach Waterfall

There are three versions of the origin of the name of the waterfall: Russian-from the word "nod", Finnish - from the word kivi (stone), Karelian-from the word kivas (snow mountain). The latter interpretation is most likely, since it most closely corresponds to a huge padun, white with foam.

A major role in the popularization of Kivach was played by the first Karelian governor, aka the famous poet Derzhavin G. R. In 1785, while touring his province, he first visited the Kivach waterfall and dedicated the ode "Waterfall"to Kivach. The Decembrist poet F. N. Glinka, who was exiled to Petrozavodsk, repeatedly mentioned Kivach in his poems about Karelia. The most famous visitor to Kivach was the Emperor Alexander II. On the occasion of his arrival in 1868, a road was laid to the waterfall, a pedestrian bridge and a gazebo were built below the waterfall across the Suna River. In 1931, the Kivach Nature Reserve was created around the waterfall (now its area is 10.4 thousand hectares). At the waterfall there is a nature museum and an arboretum, where you can see a unique Karelian birch.

On the territory of the reserve there are cafes and souvenir shops where you can buy souvenirs made by Karelian craftsmen.

Kivach is beautiful at any time of the year. Having been on Ceviche in winter, you feel a certain mystique, nature fell asleep and waiting in the wings to awakening. In the spring, the waterfall wakes up and is ready to appear especially majestic, absorbing all the power of the flood, with incredible speed, it rushes down. Summer is the most picturesque time of the year, everything is blooming and fragrant with the smells of coniferous trees. In summer, the waterfall loses a little in its power, the water subsides, but in the main channel, four ledges are clearly outlined - the steps of the waterfall, which are joined by another, three-stage cascade at the left bank. With the onset of autumn, the waterfall comes to life again and gains strength, although it does not reach the full power of spring revelry.

Address: Kondopozhsky district, village. Kivach Waterfall (60 km from Petrozavodsk in the direction of Kondopoga. A beautiful forest road leads to the waterfall, there is a sign on the highway).