Rent price:

1250 rub. / hour


6-8 people

At your service - a cozy Russian bath, designed for the simultaneous stay of six to eight people. The bath complex includes a real Russian steam room, a comfortable seating area, a table for six to eight people and a veranda from which you can admire the local natural beauty.

A real Russian bath will help you gain strength or relax in a cozy atmosphere. The bathhouse was made of pine logs. This is a wonderful natural material, it has a healing effect on the body, heals and fills with strength. The bath ritual is one of the oldest traditions of the northern peoples, and we are happy to organize it for you.

True fans of the steam room will relieve stress and delight with a variety of brooms to choose from: oak, juniper and birch. If you are interested in a sauna in nature, clean air and real eco-recreation, then we are waiting for you in our sauna.

Our bath will comfortably accommodate a company of up to eight people. A full-fledged Russian steam room, a spacious seating area, a table for six to eight people and a veranda with a picturesque view of the lake and forest are waiting for you. Sitting in the fresh air after relaxing with a mug of your favorite drink - what could be more pleasant.

The price includes: sheets (8 pieces), birch broom (2 pieces), felt mittens (2 pairs), soft drinks.

Additionally, you can purchase:

  • birch broom - 200 rubles / piece
  • oak broom - 230 rubles / piece
  • juniper broom - 250 rubles / piece