Tours and rafting

Karelian exclusive (snowmobiles, snowshoes, dog sleds, national cuisine), 3 days

Enjoy Karelia with us!

You will see old churches and chapels of the unique culture of the Russian North,” asleep " Karelian villages in winter landscapes, an abandoned military airfield and the crater of an ancient volcano. 

You will learn how the Church of Peter and Paul of 1620 was preserved on the island of Lychny, how trout were bred, where marble was extracted for the construction of St. Petersburg, and what snowshoes are needed for. 

You will learn how to drive a dog sled and snowmobile, cook red fish in three unusual ways. 

You will taste dishes of the national Karelian cuisine: traditional wickets, two types of fish soup, seven types of grouse, cranberries in sugar, tinctures and jam made from the most delicious northern berries. 

You will feel the silence and grace of the winter coniferous forest, which will be visible from the window of your room, the delight of riding on frozen reservoirs, the happiness of lying in soft snowdrifts and the real heat of the Karelian bathhouse.


3 days/2 nights Group:

4 to 16 people Dates:

December 2020: 25-27. 12

January 2021: 15-17.01; 22-24.01; 29-31.01;

February 2021: 5-7.02; 12-14.02; 21-23.02; 26-28.02

March 2021: 6-8.03; 12-14.03; 19-21.03.

* ATTENTION! The order of days may change.

* Meeting of the group at the railway station of Petrozavodsk (according to the arrival time of train No. 018 from Moscow)